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Exercise can dramatically affect physiology, with the slightest changes making a difference

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Discover the importance of maintaining good health in our senior years by reading my feature article. With insights from health experts and personal stories from seniors themselves, gain a deeper understanding of how to stay healthy and active as we age. Don’t miss out on this informative and inspiring read.

Collagen Peptides

Information about another great LiveGood Product! Collagen Peptides Click here Here is a short product introduction from Lisa and Ryan. Doctor Ryan Goodkin is involved

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LiveGood Organic Super Greens!

The MOST COMPLETE Nutritional Supplement EVER CREATED! Since our bodies never stop working, we must feed them the most nutrient-packed foods possible. And nothing is more perfectly

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Home Exercise For Seniors

My first book on Amazon, “Home Exercise For Seniors,”: provides older adults with an easy way to improve their quality of life. This guide offers

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I worked as a physiotherapist in several German hospitals for over 15 years. I also taught students at a German medical school. My passion is improving the quality of life and longevity of older adults. 


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